Twilight's Mirror (Songs for a Graphic Novel)

by Kid Hyena

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These songs when re - recorded and produced will form part of a graphic novel project called 'The Well of the Wolves' that we are co-writing with David Finch.

The completed story will also be accompanied by an album with songs related to the book.

The Story thread interwoven on three separate realities see’s a group of slaves find an artifact that inspires a rebellion against the state.

We are deep into the project and due to its complexity and length we aim for a release of both the album and book around the winter of 2018.

Stay tuned via our blog, and in the meantime enjoy 'Twilights Mirror'.


released November 23, 2016

Written & Produced by Kid Hyena.



all rights reserved


Kid Hyena Spain

A musical culture clash featuring finely crafted dynamic songs, body percussion, djembe beats and classical through to dissonant piano.
Kid hyena traverse lyrical and musical boundaries with an alchemy of acoustic sound and heartfelt voices sung in English and Spanish.
— La Vanguardia
“Energetic Dynamic show”
— Barcelona Metropolitan
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Track Name: A Drought of Wisdom
My God these tears are endless, how could anyone forget this?

My people are dragged through the dirt only to hear the sound and the sirens at midnights door …and our sons and daughters are taken and their hopeless tears forsaken.
But with bullet prove hearts we sing in the dark and wait for the ocean to spill and send us back to the calm and the crane takes its stone and drops a new home, 
our land is burning, our land is burning!
So the people rebuild and chain themselves to an outpost 
and under the flag they stand in the snipers eye
 …and so they are pushed into the burning bush to watch their new borns innocence bleed
So we take to streets with a song and a beat, 
looking for a way out Anything just a chink! looking for a way out

As the immoral injustice rises each day our mothers they can only pray that the machine and its howl will stay in the shadows of their dreams

For they are true with the fist of justice, non violent, pacifist, love you can ’t stop this! This road to peace is to long, lay down your arms! read a book! sing a song!
Day in day out our shouts go unanswered, and I ask you this what if we were the white middle classes?

I’m an imprisoned countryman in a world when the whole world can see

They take my water, my food, my dignity!

Let the drought of wisdom that has filled this story return with rains of glory take the target from the snipers eye and fill it with the blood of a new borns life - This land is your land, this land is mine